Frequently Asked Question?

Are metal roofs noisy?

 No, the Divine Stone Coated Steel design silences the sound of the rain and even hail unlike a non-stone coated metal roof. Many homeowners report this to be quieter than even previous asphalt shingle roofs in rain/hail storms.

Is a metal roof hotter in the summer and colder in the winter?

 No, many customers report a reduction in energy costs during summer and winter. Also, a DIVINE roof can be installed over an existing roof, providing additional insulation from temperature extremes. However, there is no factual data to support this claim. It is only the experience of the customers.

Is a metal roof dangerous in weather with lightning?

Metal roofing is both an electrical conductor, and a noncombustible material hence no danger at all.

Can I walk on my Divine Roof?

 Absolutely, Divine Roofs are made of steel and designed to withstand the weight of people walking on them with little precaution.

Is a Divine Roofing System warranted?

The best in the industry. Divine Roofing Systems carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty including 120 mph winds, hail penetration for any size hail and manufacturing defects - including excessive granule loss. 

Is a Divine Stone Coated Roofing System expensive?

 Divine Stoned Roof offers better value for your money. With a minimum 50 year life expectancy, you would have to purchase and install 2 shingle roofs for the cost of one Divine Stone Coated Steel roof. A Divine Stone Coated roof can last a lifetime.

Is a metal roof only for commercial buildings?

No, Divine Stone Coated Steel Roof product profiles and attractive 3M ceramic stone granules do add excellent aethetics to the residential or commercial roofing installation.

Why is Divine Stone Coated Steel Shingles are considered to the best.

The steel used in the Divine Stone Coated Shingles is the best from POSCO steel of Korea. The Granules used are of 3M USA. Tight quality control makes Divine Stone Coated Steel Shingles as unique. No rusting due to high quality galvaume coating. KD One the company that manufature these is a very established name in Korea and the world